Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Hour Glucose Test

I was going to blog about this last week, however - I was way too upset to write about it, so I thought I would wait until today, when I had lots of time to just sit and enjoy some relaxation (okay maybe using enjoy is a bit of stretch)

I am sitting in the hospital waiting room in the middle of my three hour test.  It has been a long morning but I am over half way done.  I know I can get through this and it will all be worth it in the end, however in the midst of it, it really stinks.

Last week I took the one hour test - it wasn't fun by any means, but I drank the syrup and though it was gross, it didn't make me sick.  I had my blood taken before and after as part of the test.  That afternoon I found out my fasting sugar was great - at the low end of normal - that made me very happy!  However, then she went on to say that my Glucose levels however were high which meant I would have to come back for the three hour test.

I tried to not cry or get angry - it didn't work too well.  I least I held it together until I got to the elevator, then the tears began to flow - in fact I cried the whole way home.  My poor husband - I feel badly that he has to deal with all my medical woes and my pregnancy emotions, but he handles it so well.  The worse part about the ride home was the fact that I was craving a blizzard at DQ but I was so upset that I didn't pass the glucose test I thought that the last place I should stop would be Dairy Queen.

So this morning I got up at 5:30 am and at the hospital at the butt crack of dawn.  Then the test began....

Four  things that really stink about this test....
1.  It is so early in the morning
2.  I had to come by myself
3.  The glucose syrup made me sick this week - very sick!  (The nurse kept saying - try really hard to keep it down!)
4.  I have to get my blood taken 5 times in the three hours.

Four Good things about this test.
1.  I have been able to keep the syrup down!
2.  There is one comfy chair in the waiting room with a footrest and I was here so early that I have moved in and claimed it.
3.  I have gotten a lot done while sitting here (praise God they have a wireless connection here)
4.  While sitting here waiting, my little girl is rolling around and seems to be enjoying my down time.

I know that this test is just part of the pregnancy journey and I know that I am just way too tired and hungry so it makes it all worse!  Looking forward to being done in an hour and super excited to get something to eat!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Third Trimester! Wahoo!!!!

It is hard to believe that I am finally in my third trimester....while laying in bed for much of my first trimester - it seemed this day would never come, second trimester was just as many people said - really nice for the most part.  The morning sickness went away - I was off bed rest, I felt pretty good, not a lot of swelling at that point, and best yet - I started to feel her move which is so reassuring!

Now it is the third and final trimester - which means approximately 12 weeks until our little one arrives.  I have a feeling in some ways it will fly by and in other ways it will be a long hot summer.  There are a couple things that I have noticed already in this final trimester....

1.  Mood swings - I know - doesn't that describe all of us as women.... well I had my moments during the last two trimesters but it seems that is has gotten worse in the last week.  Every little thing bothers me or annoys me.  People say things and it frustrates me.  I cry because my belly isn't round enough.... I mean really - this alone could make for a long 12 weeks.

2.  Acid Reflux - In the past I have had minor issues with this - but in the last two weeks - wow!  Waking up from a dead sleep because I can't swallow - yuck!  Tums and Maalox are gross but I suffer through them just for some minor relief.

3.  Leg Cramps - Seriously it feels like someone is taking my calf muscles and tying them together and pulling them while I am trying to sleep - seriously what is up with all these things stealing my sleep - does my body not know that soon a baby will be here and I will be getting now sleep??

4. Clothes - I thought maternity clothes were made to grow with you..... well for some reason some of mine are already grown out of many of them and there are no more sizes to go up to - I guess I will just wear my sundresses all summer to every event!

5.  Looking the part - there is no doubt now that I look pregnant - now the strangers have started the belly rubbing.  I guess I should just get used to it.  But at least I don't just look overweight - it is mostly in my belly so far - praying that I don't get cankles but I am not going to hold my breath!

6.  No More rings - my wedding rings had to come off this week.... I was holding off as long as I could but I was told - it is better to take them off now then have to have them get cut off - true!!!  So off they came!

7.  More Appointments - I am now on the every other week doctor visit schedule - tomorrow I go to have a check up as well as blood work, and the fun glucose test that I have heard such fun (not really) stories about.

Okay - that is my little rant on the first week of the third trimester!  I am enjoying my air conditioning!  Praise God for that!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My favorite Grocery Store

I really never had any idea how much I would appreciate this sign that is found at one of the local grocery stores.  In fact out of all the stores around - grocery or not - there is only one local store that has this special parking.... I love you Weis grocery store by the Susquehanna Valley Mall!!!  You have no idea how nice it is to be able to quickly get in and out of the heat of summer when you can park close to the store.  I wish more stores had this option available!!!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm just right!!!

Over the past several months I have been reading a list of different things that people say to pregnant woman without even thinking.... note to all those that are currently not pregnant - we are emotional and often overly sensitive people - choose your words carefully!!!

With that being said - in the last week I have experienced both extremes.... one day while at the dentist that receptionist asked when I was due - I replied Sept. 12 - oh wow - you look like you will be going sooner!  Then just a few days after that - I was explaining something to someone and mentioned about my pregnancy and she said "you don't even look pregnant" - oh my goodness - really?

You are all welcome to have your opinions - my brother just yesterday said "twins or a watermelon" when I posted my 26 week photos.  I have also been told I was getting fat and chubby this past week.  Nice!

Just an FYI - you are all welcome to have your opinions about how big or how small I am but remember this - number one - every woman is different!  Number two - I am pretty excited to be getting a bigger baby belly.  Number three - I am emotional and irrational and if you make comments like that - they will in fact hurt my feelings and I may in fact cry - just to forewarn you!

I am not going to post my picture on this blog because I don't want you to feel as though you need to analyze my bump - but if you must see you can check out my facebook page or just ask.

Yet another friendly vent from the Local prego woman!

PS - I went to the doctor today and she said I am at 27 weeks which is just four days away - so I am just right!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Registry

Many people have been asking about where we are registered.  So I thought since Joel blogged about our registry I might as well too.  I will include the links to get to the different sites so it will be easy for you to just click and wahla - there it is.  We are just so grateful that we have so many people that care about us and our new little girl.

Here are the links to our registries:

Babies "R" Us - Click on "Find a Registry"

Amazon.com - Joel & Jana's Baby Registry  Type in our name to find the registry.

Target   Click on "Gift Regisrty"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lamaze Class

The name of the class can be very deceiving and make you think that you are just going to learn about how to breath and relax, however it was so much more than that and I am so thankful we actually took the class as early as we did.  There were actually a few couples in our class that were due in a few weeks, but I like to have as much information as early as possible to help me feel educated and to make wise decisions about our delivery options.

First I must say that our instructor was great, okay we were a little biased since she is a good friend, but she was informative, knowledgeable, had a sense of humor, and used a variety of teaching tools.  As a public speaker and educator I love to be around quality speakers and Tammy Leitzel - you are one - great job!!!

As I mentioned before the class was so much more than just learning how to breath... in fact here are some interesting things that I learned in the class that I did not know before.

1.  First time moms usually are in labor 12-17 hours.  The good news is that is not constant
2.  If you are induced you have to stay on a monitor throughout the rest of your delivery time.
3.  Although our hospital does not do water births they do have a tub with jets to help with contractions, as well as birthing ball and bar.
4.  Our bodies are designed for having babies, and they will naturally work through the delivery process.
5.  Changing positions during labor and using gravity can reduce the length of labor and reduce tearing.
6.  Once you are admitted as the mom you aren't able to have anything but clear liquids - husbands can't eat in the room they have to eat at the nursing station. (Joel was pretty happy about that)
7.  Nubain is a drug to help take the edge off the pain of labor, however it doesn't restrict you like an epidural does.
8.  Contractions start at the sides and work their way to the middle and back out to the sides.
9.  Pain is - purposeful, anticipated, intermittent, and normal
10.  Only 12% of women have their water break out prior to labor.

This was just a piece of what we learned.  We feel we are much more informed now to make some decisions as far as our preferences.  Hope it has been helpful to you as well!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coming Home clothes

The joy of knowing what you are going to have is picking out clothes for the baby ahead of time,  the hard part is having no idea how big or small she will be, and also not having any clue when it comes to having our own baby!

Many people like the surprise of not knowing but as a planner - it has been fun to know and prepare and pray specifically for a little girl.  As much as I love to plan - it has been a very hard thing to pick out an outfit to bring her home from the hospital.  I don't really feel the need to go out and shop for tons of clothes because I know we will be getting some cute outfits as gifts - in fact the only outfit I really wanted to pick out was her coming home dress.

I have been looking for about a month now, and it seems like I had something in mind but couldn't find anything anywhere.  This was my thought - I wanted something that was clean and fresh looking - a white or light color.  I wanted something that wasn't covered with pink.  I wanted something cute and feminine but not a sleeper or something like that.  I wanted something that would be comfortable and easy to put on (many mom's mentioned the easy to put on factor).  Something simple yet cute!

I was so excited today to finally get to look with Joel along - now if you know him - you will know he doesn't really have strong opinions and will usually just say whatever I like is fine but I wanted him to help with this and that he did and I love the choice we made.

Now all we have to get is a little bonnet or hat and some cute socks and we are all set.

This is the front of the dress

This is the back of the dress with a little white bow and yellow flower

It may be a little big on her but if my mom is correct and we have an 8 pound baby it should fit perfectly!  

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Stocking Saga!

The joy of having Factor Five Leiden (blood clotting disorder) while pregnant brings about many new and exciting things to an already crazy time in life called Pregnancy!  We knew full well going into this pregnancy that we would have to take some extra precautions and things would be a bit different from the "normal pregnancy" that many woman have (although I am beginning to think that normal is so vast it is hard to determine what is normal for one woman may not be normal for another)

Anyway - I have to take shots daily in my belly, which has not been fun from the start, but I must say it is getting harder and harder as I get bigger and bigger - I have trouble seeing where to inject.... I told Joel just yesterday he is going to have to start giving me the shots - let's just say he was less than thrilled by that idea.

Another risk of this disorder is bleeding and bruising - so no contact sports - hahaha - okay most prego woman can't play them but I have to be extra careful not to get cuts or bruises because of the blood thinners.  Obviously though the biggest risk is blood clots - though I am taking blood thinners I am still at risk especially as it gets hotter and my body begins the "summer of swelling"(now that would be a fun name for a blog as well)

All this to say - I now get to wear full stockings - and not just nylons!  We are talking 20-30 compression stockings that go from my toes to my chest!  Talk about fun to put on!  It takes several minutes with several rest stops along the way just to get them up to my knees.  Let's just say once I get them on - they stay on all day!

Here is the worst part of these stockings - not only are they hot and a bit annoying to put on - they cost an arm and a leg - I could have purchased a crib for the price of two pairs of these stockings - !23.00 a piece..... don't worry though - it gets better..... We could not find a place that sold them so we ended up in Harrisburg just to find out that they don't take our insurance and theirs cost 150.00 a pair.  Finally we found a place in Sunbury - and after a few mishaps of ordering the wrong ones or just not ordering them - I got them.

But the sage continues.... being an emotional pregnant woman I tend to cry a bit more often... well we were at my parents this weekend and it was hot and muggy and I couldn't get my stockings on - so I just began to sob - "I can't do this for the next three months"  Thankfully I have a very compassionate understanding husband who comforted and assured me I could.

Oh now comes the best or should I say worst part of the saga..... On Wednesday I was home for the afternoon packing for our trip and figured it was time to get my stockings on... as I was putting them on - I heard the horrid sound of ripping - not just a small tear but the size of a fist.... I got sick to my stomach and the sobbing returned.... how can something that cost so much ruin so easily.... I must have sobbed for 20 minutes.

I have now made it three more days without ruining my other pair and also without crying about anything stocking or non stocking related.

I guess the moral of the saga is this - you have to make sacrifices as a parent and if I want to have a healthy (as possible) pregnancy I must suck it up and take it like a woman!  Next time you see me you can tell me how great I look wearing stockings with shorts in the middle of summer, I can't guarantee that I won't cry but I will laugh as well!!