Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ode to My Immune System

Dear Immune System - I would really like it if you worked like other people's immune system, by that I mean when something foreign comes into my body you are supposed to attack it!  Not attack me!  This has been one of those weeks where pregnancy and my MS are teaming together to kill my immune system.

Strep throat is my newest of issues!  Oh I pray that my baby has an immune system from his/her father and not from me.  If you want to pray for that too - I would be grateful.  I was kinda expecting to be feeling better by today since I have been on the antibiotics since Monday night, but today it has moved from my throat to my sinuses and my whole body is acky and yucky!

Now it is bed rest because I am sick, not because of the baby!  Oh the joys of being sick and pregnant!  I don't know what I would do if I had a 9 to 5 job or if I had other kids to care for.  It is good how God works all things for the good of those who love him!

Okay I am done with my rant about my Immune System, looking forward to feeling better soon, until then I will snuggle up under my covers, pretend my house is clean, and rest!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Growing Pains

I have a new understanding of what Growing pains are.  I always thought they were pain that children experienced as their joints and skin and organs were growing.  Well let me just declare... there are also growing pains going on in my abdomen.  They tell you that as the baby grows it will stretch and pull your muscles and skin to make room for the growing child..... well my stomach is stretching in places that I didn't even know that muscles existed (okay I knew they were there, but they never really were worked out too much to say the least) until just recently.

They call them round ligament pains.  What a nice name - it sounds kinda happy "round ligaments" they should call it ab deconstruction....don't get me wrong I am not upset - I just think their term is a little misleading.  I am so thankful for our growing child and as it gets bigger and my muscle continue to stretch I will count it a joy that God is growing a miracle inside of me.

Any time I have pain - I am just a little bitter at Eve and her decision to sin in the garden - which led to the curse of a painful childbirth....however God does redeem it all by blessing you after the pain... I look forward to that blessing!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things they don't warn you about...

14 Weeks 1 day along in the journey to meet our gift from God!  And what a journey it has been....  The first trimester was a hard one to say the least with complications from bleeding, infections, and bedrest....well and all the morning sickness that goes along with it.  I actually lost close to 10 pounds in the first tirmester.

But oh the joy of being in the second trimester - morning sickness is mostly gone, unless I am hungry then sickness creeps in again.  Although it is a good reminder that I am hungry or at least the baby is hungry.

My title of the blog today is the things they don't warn you about..... here are a couple that I have figured out for me, but again it could be different for everyone.

1.  Brushing your teeth is a chore.... I try to will myself into actually being able to brush the inside of my teeth without gaging.  Every single time I try I am unsuccessful.  I am sure all the dentist will scold me for this but there are days when I just don't want to gag - so as gross as this might sound, I avoid brushing the inside of my teeth..... I know as a pregnant person dental hygiene is of utmost importance, but I hate gagging!!!!

2.  Licking Envelopes is out - Maybe it is just me, but I can't lick an envelope without gagging either.  So I guess unless Joel decides he wants to help or I get up off the couch and get a wet paper towel - no one is going to be getting any mail from me.

3.  Sciatic Nerve - I knew I had one - in fact I am a former health teacher - but then again if you don't use it you lose it....  On Friday night I felt like I had a hip pointer in my butt.... weird I thought!  The next day at lunch I bent down to get something and excrusiating pain followed.  I couldn't walk - literally!  I had to crawl to go to the bathroom (remember I was at a retreat with 23 other women - it was a little embarrassing)  I had no idea that babies like to sit on sciatic nerves!  Even babies as little as a lemon can cause be a pain in the butt - literally!

4.  Cravings are serious and can bring out the worst in you - Many people have asked me if I have had any cravings yet and to be honest up to yesterday I haven't really had too many - maybe because I was just happy to eat a few bits of something.  Anyway - yesterday I had a craving for peanut brittle - when I told Joel he chuckled and said - well I am sure it will go away - wrong thing to say - I turned evil - and left the room I was so mad!!!  Oh my - It was like I needed it - like someone needs a drug.... it was bad...needless to say my poor husband caught on to my frustration and went on a search for peanut brittle!!!  Success - and then all of a sudden I was nice again.

Well that is it for now - check back later for more adventures!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Back

To be honest - I have been avoiding blogging for the last two months....I guess most of it was out of fear that I would end up having to share bad news again. However, we have great news to celebrate - we have made it to our second trimester!!!!

It has been a rough road to get here - with many trips to the doctor, a day in the ER, complications, bleeding, bedrest - but it has all been worth it so far. The days can be long and hard as I sit on the couch trying not to worry about what could go wrong next. I have decided the internet can be a tool of fear and worry - every time something weird happens I go online to see if it is normal - it is nice to know that so often it is - but then you hear and read about all the bad things that can happen and that is not helpful at all!!!

I guess my biggest fear in doing this blog again is to let people into my roller coaster of emotions. I sit at home most days by myself while Joel is at work and my emotions just wear on me - I have decided that is the hardest part of bedrest. I don't want people to see the ups and downs that I am experiencing....however - If this can help another mom at some point as they journey through a miscarriage and a complicated high risk pregnancy - then I need to let people into my world.

As a speaker I am always encouraging the women and the teens to be transparent - to let people into their world. I try to do that - but this journey seems so messy, so bumpy, so filled with unknowns that I want to protect my friends and my family.

Today I am letting you in to my world of this scary but exciting journey of life. It is my prayer that you will be entertained by my take on things, that you will walk through this with me in laughter, in tears, in "oh my" moments, and you will join us in praying for our little one growing inside of us.

We have made it to the 13 week mark but we know that we have a long road ahead of us! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement - we feel so loved!