Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Test Results

So I have been a health teacher, educator, and most recently a presentor of the Sexy Truth - you would think I might know something about Pregnancy Tests - however I knew nothing. So about two weeks ago when my little friend was late, I thought maybe I should take a pregnancy test, I read all the direction and followed them exactly. The result was negative! So I waited, day after day, still no period...so after about a week of waiting I took another test....Negative (or so I thought), a positive test shows two lines a negative test shows one. Well this was one really dark and one really light so I thought - it must be negative again.

That day I went to Expectations Women's Center where I work and pulled aside the center director and mentioned my dilemma and she walked me into another room and showed me a chart that shows what positive readings look like..and there is was a picture that looked just like mine, or so I remembered so I got in my car and headed home just to go threw the trash (yes I went through the garbage to find it) there were two lines for sure...but I wanted to be sure so I was planning to take another test the next morning (since morning tests are the most accurate) however my partner in crime at the sexy Truth - peer pressured me into taking another test right then, so I did - it may have been the longest five minutes of anxiousness I have ever experienced.....what if I was wrong and had been excited, what if I was right and oh my then I am pregnant, oh my....five minutes past - test was positive, doctor was called and that is now history!

I laugh at it looking back but also feel like now I am so much more informed if we ever have other children.

These were the things that I noticed that were weird...I ate a whole jar of pickles in one setting, my chest hurt horribly, I felt crampy, I just thought I was getting my period....nope!

Joel's comment was - I was wondering if you were pregnant because you weren't nearly as moody as you usually are when you get your period! I guess it is good that he at least notices! The Fun Times Continue!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Game On

After talking about our current situation my husband and I thought that it would be a fun idea, as well as maybe beneficial to others in my situation to have a special blog for the upcoming 9 months, and maybe even longer if needed or desired.

Just a little background to help you fully understand our current situation, about four years ago after a surgery I was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder called Factor Five Leiden (not sure how you spell that) - basically my blood clots too easily. My treatment basically has consisted of taking shots when I fly and wearing some killer fashion stockings called TEDs when I am in the car, other than that - it hasn't had too much of an impact on my day to day life.

On the other hand, my MS has changed my life drastically. I was diagnosed with that, three years ago this week. It seems like just yesterday. Each day when I struggle to get out of bed I am reminded that I need to be thankful for what I am able to do and not what I am limited by....I am not an athlete or wilderness girl like in the past, however I do now enjoy them from afar and my husband insists that he will take me camping (we will see about that one). I have learned that rest is my friend and stubbornness when it comes to my health will not get me far. Listening to my body is what I try to do (the key word there is try)!

So that is the me part or at least the very short version. It is also the glimpse of the MS part, so now for the fun, exciting, and scary part.....BABY!

We just found out on Thursday - we are expecting! The news is overwhelming, but exciting! The blogs to follow will be our story... it may be raw at times, it may be humorous, but it will always be truthful, and hopefully always point back to God's goodness in our lives, even during the hard times.

So we hope you will check back often for updates as we begin the adventure!