Monday, July 25, 2011

Diaper Tricycle

Today was a special treat for Joel and I - after our baby appointment which went well, my mom drove to Lewisburg to meet us for lunch - it was our birthday lunch together.  Not only did she have a few birthday gifts for me she also had a shower gift for me that she had forgot to give me at my fact she drove all the way to my house and home with it in the truck and still forgot to give it to me, but it was well worth the wait.  Check this out!

It is made of 30 diapers, 2 receiving blankets, 2 bibs, a set of booties, and a bottle.  I so want to make one of these - they are so cute!!! I have included several different views so you can see exactly how cute it is!!! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bana Returns on a Blizzard Fiasco

I have always joked that every person has an evil twin - and their name is your name switched out with a B - however if your name starts with a B then you just drop it.  So my evil twin is Bana.  Bana usually stays pretty quiet - however pregnancy has caused her to rear her ugly head.

Last night was a good example of Bana taking over my life.  I have been craving Dairy Queen Blizzards with Reeses Pieces.  So last night on the way home from camp - my saint of a husband stopped for me to get my fill.  Well - the store in Mt. Union PA does not have Reeses Pieces - so that through me for a loop - not to worry though I was not mean or upset with the lady at the counter I was just very disappointed and then took the next 5 minutes to come up with a new option for a flavor I was craving.  You would think that would be easy but when you have your mind made up - it is very difficult.

Also you have to take into consideration that sometimes the toppings change the flavor of the ice cream... and I don't really care for chocolate flavored ice cream so..... I went with the Turtle Blizzard that was to have choc. pieces, pecans, and some carmel - swirl in their thick vanilla ice cream - which I love.

I got my blizzard and started out the door - then I looked at it - it was soupy - it didn't look like ice cream or a blizzard but a cup of chocolate slop.  I tasted it hoping that my eyes were deceiving me - however they were not - it was a flop of a blizzard - it tasted nothing like ice cream.  So then the ten minute (minimum) rant began - how could she do that - don't they have to flip them upside down to show that they are think and smooth..... don't they know I was craving this - I just want ice cream!  Seriously - anger and tears - over ice cream.

My husband - just bit his lip knowing full well that I was just being emotionally unstable and completely irrational.  I was so mad!  Over ice cream - yes I am very embarrassed to admit that, but it is true.  Then all I could think about was how much I wanted that ice cream the whole way home.....

Then Joel being the loving guy he is stopped at the Lewistown Dairy Queen to try to make me happy - they too did not have Reeses Pieces (which is so weird because I have never been to a DQ that didn't have them) so I just got a vanilla cone - to which I was very happy but also felt horribly guilty that I had behaved so poorly to my husband - so as I ate my cone I cried!

It was a bit of a rough ride home!  But the night got worse - I was up all night long sick - no sure if it was the ice cream, the "turtle soup" or just a bug - I said to Joel I hope God is not punishing me because my attitude was so rotten - he just laughed and said I am sure He is not!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Belly Change

So the weirdest thing happened today..... my entire belly changed!  I was sitting at lunch and I looked down at my belly and thought .... it looks like my belly changed shapes.  It was like it dropped four inches lower..... I know that when the baby moves your stomach can change shapes, but up until this point I had been carrying pretty high and had a somewhat square shape to my belly - then all of sudden it changed.

So Joel said - maybe she decided to flip upside down like she is supposed to be and not but two minutes later she kicked my bladder in the same place as always to assure me - she had not changed positions after all, but my belly did!

I am facinated by pregnancy and what it does to your body and your emotions.  God definately has a sense of humor that is for sure.  So stay tuned at some point today I will be getting my 30 week picture which will also be my 36th Birthday picture up on facebook!  (PS - the belly in the picture is not mine!)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 30 Check Up

Today we headed to Lewisburg for our 30 week check for the baby.  We are getting into the routine of going now every two weeks.  I am so thankful that I have a husband who is able to go with me.... if nothing else he is always entertaining to the nurses, midwives and doctors.... he sometimes gets to be a little much for me - but I figure if he can put up with my mood swings - I can put up with his silliness!!!

The visit went well - pretty typical - they measure you to make sure the baby is growing and they check for the heartbeat, go over test results, ask you some questions and they send you home.  Well today - we talked about my three hour test results which one nurse said was normal and the other said it was not.... and guess what they were both correct!  I passed which is awesome!  However, my sugar can drop really quickly so I need to always carry a snickers bar - no joke that is what she said - I love snickers too so that makes me really happy!!!  But is also explains why I got so sick going home from the test last week.

Then she checked my measurements - which were at 30 weeks - perfect!  Then she checked the heartbeat and said I have a mover - but her heart rate was great too.  Then she was feeling around to see if she could feel the position of the baby and said - I can't seem to find her head!  So then I turned into the comedian and said - well maybe she is missing hers.... okay not funny at all!  She said well we should probably do an ultrasound to check her position but I don't want to take up your time today.... so Joel responds - oh it is no problem if you want to do one today - we would be happy to stay longer.

So she did - and it was confirmed that she is breech - she has several weeks to turn so we aren't worried at this point.  I figured she was still that way since she seems to enjoy doing jumping jacks on my bladder.   Also in case you were concerned - she does have a head it is just up under my ribs which was why she couldn't feel it.

The only other weird thing is I have mole that has changed in the last week and the midwife said I need to get it removed - so add that to the list of weird things that happen to me while pregnant!  All in all a great visit - fun to see our little one - even though she was hiding her face with her hands!