Monday, December 26, 2011

The Smiles, and the Laughter

The greatest gift that we received this year was our little girl.... and the Christmas season took on all new meaning this year.  As I reflected on the Christmas story in a whole new way - from the eyes of a mother.  Before this year I never could have imagined the emotions that Mary felt when she gave birth to her child, however now I have a new understanding.  My life has been changed by a baby - but in the large scheme of things it had been changed by a baby 2000 years ago.

The joys of Christmas are remembering that Jesus was born as a baby and came to save the world from their sins... the bible tells us about it.  But what the bible doesn't talk about is what it was like being the mother of Jesus - wow - I can't even begin to imagine....but I am guessing that she had some mommy moments when all she wanted to do was stare at her smiling little baby much like we enjoyed over Christmas vacation.  Check out our newest Ella video!

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