Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Real Food

It is hard to believe that my baby is now ready to venture into the world of eating food!  Our doctor told us a few weeks ago that we could start around 5 months with Rice Cereal and as my husband says I am usually a rule follower.... however - I decided today after dealing with a fussy baby who would eat and fuss and eat and fuss  - maybe she was ready to try something a little more exciting than mommy milk.

Check out our first adventure with rice cereal!

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  1. I'm not actually sure that we've met, but I've known Joel forever! (Quite literally.) Ella did much better with cereal than Ivy did, she was not impressed. My doctor said we could start cereal at four months, so we have been doing it a few weeks.

    I also think you'd like to know that Ivy is a big Ella fan. She loves to watch the Ella videos! Maybe because it's someone else who speaks her language. ;)