Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Homemade Baby Food

Last week I began the adventure of making my own baby food.  It was so easy!  All I had to do was cook the veggies put them in the processor and after a minute or two - they were ready to be put into jars.  I did my math just to see and I saved over 5 dollars just on my beans and peas.   That may not sound like much savings but in a week that food will be gone.  

The fruit was even easier - all I did was put the bananas in press the button and it was ready to be put into containers.  I have still had to buy some (using coupons of course) however, to even save five dollars a week will be helpful for our budget.

As Ella gets older and begins to try some new foods and combinations.  I was encouraged to look at the site www.wholesomebabyfood.com  As I went to the site it gave me great ideas for new recipes to try and what foods should be introduced first.  One food that I was surprised to hear was so good for babies is avocados.  I had no idea - I guess it has great benefits for babies and is super easy to prepare - no cooking necessary.

One this that I will note is that freezer veggies and canned veggies cook differently - therefore come out differently in the food processor.  Ella doesn't seem to care for the texture of the freezer peas because they don't chop up as finely as the canned peas..... but thanks to a tip from my friend Rachel Mingle - I added a little applesauce (sounds gross to me) and she loved it!  Another food victory for momma and baby!  

I will confess I probably won't be a "homemade food only" type a person just for the convience of throwing a jar in my diaper bag but I will be trying to make a majority of my food for savings and for the nutritional value.

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